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Will the return of international travel impact the Australian property market?

There is no doubt the current market surge is driven by a lack of supply. This undersupply is likely to further worsen as borders begin to open and the return of international travel. We believe this is set to maintain the robust property market throughout 2022 even into 2023.

Expect a dramatic change in the apartment market particularly areas located closer to metropolitan CBD’s. The return of international students coupled with overseas tourists will see;

  • Vacancy rates in Australian CBD’s fall to pre pandemic levels.
  • CBD rents will begin to rise in apartment sector
  • Landlords will start to reconsider short-term leasing again

In addition to this, the rates of international buyers are increasing. With talk of a property collapse in China there are several industry experts reporting an increase in enquiry from potential overseas investors. This further puts upward pressure on Australian property prices and putting additional pressure on what is already a severely undersupplied market.

Regardless of the market, maintaining property purchasing fundamentals is crucial to success when investing. Timing the market is great, but time in the market in an area that ticks the NIA due diligence criteria is better.

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