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For the smartest, simplest property wealth and investment strategies, the National Investment Advisory is your perfect partner.

When you engage NIA to help build your wealth, you’ll be working with a team of property professionals who specialise in helping first timers and established property investors alike, dedicated in the mission to boost your capital growth and cash flow – quickly.

Getting to know you and how you want to live is the first step to ensuring your financial success, because knowing you enables us to support you, educating you throughout your entire property and financial journey.

Put simply, we’re your property-savvy partner and we’re here to help you build wealth on the way to a lifestyle you really want.

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What we do for you

Property wealth planners, focussed on your financial freedom

Building wealth for an early, well-funded retirement

Getting back into the black by eliminating your debt

Optimising tax to ensure compliance & lower payments

Comfortably affording quality education for your children

Creating lucrative multiple income streams

Having enough money to pursue all your passions

With a smart property investment advisory team by your side, life has no limits!


To build wealth for life, start here

The National Investment Advisory is your perfect partner in building wealth, with a suite of proven property and investment strategies, powered by leading-edge industry expertise.

Financial Goals Planning

Whatever ‘living your best life’ looks like, we can help you make it happen. The first thing to do is plan out the route to get there, with an expert by your side who knows the way.

Property Wealth Planning

Wherever you’re at with property investing, when planning for maximum property growth, it pays to talk to a professional who has a finger on every pulse in the country.

Informed Finance Solutions

To successfully expand your property portfolio, you need the right structure in place. Our specialists ensure your financial strategy and products are flexible in the right places.


Wherever you are in your financial journey, our LEAP Roadmap system is proven to ensure you live a secure, truly abundant life – more than 400 success stories and counting!

Self-Managed Super

Growing your Super is one of the best ways to freedom in retirement. NIA knows how to maximise Super returns, making sure your nest egg delivers financial abundance.

Wealth Portal

See all of your property investments and financial solutions perform in real-time, in one place through our high-tech Wealth Portal – the fastest most user-friendly platform around.

NIA helped me build a sustainable multiple-property portfolio, supporting me like a partner with ongoing educational advice. They went way beyond the investment transaction, using their team’s combined expertise to ensure I scored my financial goals and started living my best life.


Why NIA is one of Australia’s leading Property Investment Wealth Planners

We make your life easier

NIA offers a truly comprehensive solution, removing the guesswork and the risk involved in your property purchases - designed to deliver financial success, smoothly.

We partner with you all the way

End-to-end service is our blueprint, and we proudly offer a partnership that goes way beyond any transactions, staying by your side until you hit your financial targets.

We help ‘everyday’ Australians build wealth

If you’re motivated, we can help you build property wealth, by sharing our knowledge and research, applying proven strategies and providing ongoing, leading-edge support.

We get you access to every market

With NIA by your side you get access to property in any state, and we manage the whole process for you from viewing through to settlement.

We connect you to our panel of experts

With NIA you’ll be looked after by our national network of property-savvy partners, including solicitors, accountants, insurers, builders, lenders and property managers.

We prepare tailored Property Wealth Plans

Your NIA Property Wealth Plan is an expertly tailored strategy, applying leading-edge educational advice to your personal financials and aligning you for investment success.

We use leading research & acquisition data

The dedicated NIA research team studies the latest industry data, ensuring you get the right property, in the right place, for the right price, on the right terms.

We remove the worry about failure

Fear of making the wrong choice is often the thing that stops us making the right choice. NIA’s expertise puts your mind at ease - your success in property is our number one priority.

LEAP Roadmap

Your 6 simple steps to financial success

From first-time property buyers to people planning for retirement, our leading-edge LEAP Roadmap has helped more than 500 people just like you achieve a financially secure, truly abundant life.

Here’s how it works, in 6 simple steps.


When you engage NIA, our priority is to teach you how to pay yourself first, helping you restructure your finances, find better deals and embrace newly found leverage to reduce stressful inefficiencies.


Under-utilised equity in your home or other property assets is a huge opportunity. By investing your equity safely and securely, you can utilise it to produce great investment returns that build wealth fast.


The fact is, you can make more money or create additional income opportunities, if you really want to and you know someone like us who can help you look. This means more leverage to build wealth faster


Property can be emotional, and when unchecked that emotion can cause poor decision making. With NIA you’ll have all the education and advice you need to clarify and solidify your purpose.


Using proven tax strategies will empower you with legislated cash incentives and ensure you avoid paying more than you need to. This used to be a game only for the wealthy, but not anymore.


Planning a portfolio that will give you genuine, complete financial freedom requires clearly set goals and minimised risk. We’ll help you make a plan that’s tailored to your needs and ready to repeat.

The LEAP Roadmap transforms your income into capital growth & cash flow. Quickly!

With the right property wealth advisor, you can invest to build wealth with confidence.

The LEAP Roadmap has helped build big wealth for more than 500 investors & counting…

About Us

Life-changing passive income is our passion

If you’re a hard-working professional wanting help in your first property investment, or you’re already investing but want to build bigger, faster wealth, the National Investment Advisory was formed specially to help you hit your ‘dream’ financial success.

Our sole mission is to show you how to create secure passive wealth, larger capital, and maximised cash flow – delivering true financial freedom. NIA is not about getting rich quick, we guarantee stable, diversified, expertly planned strategies that precisely align with your goals.

The life you want is why we’re here!

I created the National Investment Advisory to help everyday Australians just like you secure a ‘dream’ financial future.

I paid $86k for my first property in my early 20s at an unimaginable 17% mortgage rate. I was horrified but also intrigued, and the experience began a life-long intellectual love for property & finance.

Over the years I’ve built a multi-million-dollar property portfolio using the proven strategies I’ve developed… please get in touch with me anytime and I’ll explain how we can do the same for you, too.

NIA Founder & Principal

Based on 21 reviews
Rob Jordan
Rob Jordan
We struggled to find an investment property for a year or two, constantly being outbid by people overpaying for their family’s home. We then found NIA and Matt was able to clearly explain the financial benefits of building and assuage any fears we had about the building process. The information they compiled on each potential property was extensive, including private and Government development planned in the surrounding area and new services that would affect future property prices. Matt and the team held our hands through the entire build process and the growth we achieved in one year before the property was even completed far outstripped what we could have made on purchasing an existing property. A rental contract was signed a month before completion. We’re now lining things up for purchase number two in our strategic 10 year plan, thanks to the NIA team.
Ghuinn Dayoc
Ghuinn Dayoc
Professionalism and honesty is at its best. So resourceful, trustworthy, result oriented and hardworking people in this company. Thank you for your service and help especially to Ben Stuckey, for all the guidance and dedication to get us this investment portfolio starting and materialized at this stage. Looking forward for more.
Anderson Carneiro
Anderson Carneiro
Great support from Matt and the team on understanding my financial goals and finding the right properties to suit my family's plan. Even in ambiguous situations they always provided me with expertise and confidence to manage builders, keeping us close to what was originally planned. Also supporting during the lease process and support on the many questions I had with the first phase of the properties we acquired. Now we are embarking on the phase 2, I can already see them adjusting their approach to my changing needs. Highly recommend!
Glenn Rogers
Glenn Rogers
I have worked closely with Matt and his team from NIA for the last 18 mths. Up front they stepped me through the property investment process and how this would benefit me in terms of my financial goals. Once we settled on an investment property to purchase, NIA where there throughout the whole buying/build and settlement process. NIA are a highly professional team who operates with integrity and focus. Thank you for all your great support. Cheers, Glenn and Sveta
Farah L
Farah L
I am so happy I did my research and found Matt Bower and his team at NIA. With the help of Matt and his impressive expertise as a property strategist and mentor, I have purchased 2 properties dual purchase strategy through NIA. Now put me in a strong position to secure my third investment. Matt’s knowledge & support is amazing and my investment journey with his help has been a smooth process. Matt, Geoff, and the team guided me every step of the way and answered all my questions to give me confidence that I found a trusted partner to help me move ahead. Having Matt’s finance and property expertise combined with the NIA finance team and their specialist mortgage planner Troy Marchmont. It made the numbers so simple, easy, and safe to move forward with affordable options. I would highly recommend National Investment Advisory for anyone thinking about buying an investment property. You are in safe hands!
Cindy Wong
Cindy Wong
Matt Bower and his team of advisors (including mortgage broker, Troy Marchmont) have been a joy to deal with. From my experience of working with them in the months leading up to the purchase and until now, they have been professional, knowledgeable, approachable, accommodating of my busy work schedule and understanding of the jitters that a first-time investor would have. Two years on, they continue to reach out to discuss the continuation of the strategy laid out at the start of my working relationship with them. Looking forward to continuing my journey under Matt and his team's guidance.
John O'Malley
John O'Malley
This was our first time buying an investment property. The experience has been 5 star from the first phone call with Matt and his team until now. Our property had tenants lined up before the house was completed and at a higher weekly rent than originally expected. NIA does all the hard work, we just had to decide on the property, sign the documents and sit back and let it happen! Very professional team. Looking forward to working with Matt and the team in the future.
Zachary Jon VAN BAALEN
Zachary Jon VAN BAALEN
I have been working with Matt and the NIA team over the last couple of years with great results. We recently finished construction of a property on the Sunshine Coast with tenants sourced in under a week and well over the expected rental yield. There has also been considerable capital growth consistent with the advice Matt provided. The team presented well detailed advise on multiple properties and supported all aspects of the project including finance, planning, build oversight and appointment of property managers. I will happily work with Matt and the team in the future.
Jackie S
Jackie S
Matt and Geoff at NIA were absolutely amazing. Selecting an investment property during COVID lockdown with the uncertainties and lack of expertise. It was nothing but confidence and reassurance. They have made our entire journey smooth and easy. When we are ready for our next investment, we will definitely use the team again.
Like anyone, I was hesitant when using a partner for real estate investments because there are so many "influencers" and noise out there. Just like using a mortgage broker to access better loan deal, NIA have access to better real estate deals than you could find alone! The truth is there is no one right strategy for all. Matt at the NIA will work out the right strategy for you. Geoff and the rest of the NIA team will help you every step of the way while being patient with first time investors. They do not promise inflated returns, they are conservative and realistic. Even with COVID-19 lockdowns and building supply constrains they manage to keep the builders on track, bringing in the project from start to finish in 10 months. I was fortunate to get the chance to wonder around the property after completion and the finish was excellent, it was not your typical bulk-built house. The timing may have been fortunate with the drastic increase in the property market in the last few years but the results that NIA produced are still more than I could have ever imagined. The result was $130 more rent per week than their original calculations, increasing the net rental yield of the property above the expected 3-4% and creating a positive cash flow, which is key for long term investing. The most impressive part was the capital growth, with an increase of $273,270 from purchase price to completed bank evaluation in less than 1 year, that is incredible. The NIA are truly the best at what they do.

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Matt is also the founder and Managing Director of leading advisory firm National Investment Advisory.



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