NIA is a leading investment strategist in Debt Reduction, Property Investment Wealth Planning, Tax Deduction Strategies, Wealth Education.

NIA exists for time poor professionals looking to increase wealth and destroy their mortgage in less than 10 years, who are also dissatisfied with their massive tax bill.

Our service delivers a system to smash tax and grow net worth. Unlike typical advisors, NIA is client focused and strategy driven. We give you a secure formula that turns your high income into wealth so you can live life by design.

What we can do for you

Financial Goals Analysis

Discover how to handle your priorities, goals, barriers and hurdles. Your own Private Wealth Strategist will educate you and help design a plan to create wealth. The L.E.A.P. Roadmap.

Property Wealth Planning

Learn, Plan, Do. We take a deep dive into the investor mindset, your numbers, identify the potential strategies, remove your inefficiencies and improve cash flow, develop a risk mitigation plan and deliver financial integration to grow your wealth faster.

Tax Minimisation Solutions

The secret to creating real wealth is to play a bigger game. Have your money work for you, not you working for the tax man. Legitimate strategies known by many, implemented by very few. We teach you how.

Wealth Creation Strategy

Our team works with you, not against you, to design and create a specific plan for your personal situation. The L.E.A.P. Roadmap.

Retirement Strategy

We Help you plan and reach financial freedom with income producing assets. Turning earned income into recurring income for life.

Self Managed Super Funds

How does your superannuation fund performance compare? Are you on track to have enough in retirement? We help you become present to maximising your superannuation returns, with and without leverage.

Mortgage Finance Solutions

We partner with a leading, privately owned Australian finance broker and mortgage strategist to provide optimum finance solutions.

Legal Services

A client centric and experienced solicitor team will assist you with a broad range of legal requirements to complement your financial goals. Certainty and peace of mind our legal team will develop an Estate Plan that delivers comfort and protection.

My Wealth Portal

Take control of your finances with a personal wealth portal. From dashboards for property and bank accounts to loan repayments, insurance, and estate planning, connect all aspects of your financial world in one place.

Who we help?

As an industry leader, we help everyday investors navigate their way to achieving financial efficiency and sustainable wealth. We are dedicated to creating a thriving partnership with everyday working professionals from various industry specific backgrounds. Including Medical Professionals, Project Managers, Construction Managers, IT Specialists and Sporting Professionals.

How we help?

Our team of skilled and experienced strategists and network affiliate partners combine to isolate the hurdles that prevent busy professionals from creating sustainable wealth for life.

Together we help you build real wealth with a holistic personal blueprint that uses a complete integrated strategy around education and mindset.

Smart Finance Structures and Debt Reduction

Proactive Accounting and Tax Strategies

Multiple Property Portfolios- Acquisitions – Management

Self Managed Super Fund Property and Syndicates

My Wealth Management Portal

Other Financial Solutions for Financial Planning, Legal Team, Estate Planning


Experience and Expertise

Our specialist team at NIA has extensive experience in property investment, investment finance, business and financial advisory which we strive to apply to deliver the most suitable outcomes for increasing client’s wealth safely. Creating sustainable wealth is in our financial DNA.

We have combined property and financial experience with great success for over 20 years and have helped clients purchase thousands of properties across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and major regional cities in VIC, NSW, QLD across multiple market cycles.

Financial Certainty

We have created client portfolios with individual multiple property holdings well above the average for Australian investors which has them in the top 7% of investors. They are part of a lifelong partnership and have a trusted property and wealth advisor team supporting their journey. Putting education and knowledge at the forefront of making informed decisions based on real time research and proven results.


The purpose of implementing the L.E.A.P Roadmap is to develop a systematic plan for financial certainty and prosperity. Turning your high income (earned income) into high net worth and investment cash flow (recurring income). A strategy that fast tracks results to get out of debt faster, legitimately reduce tax, accumulate capital assets. Fundamentally growing your wealth from multiple investment streams.

NIA’s Impact

Years Knowledge & Experience

Number of Lives Improved

Property Secured

Properties Delivered

Combined Loans Transacted

Our Success Stories

“Many property coaches are out there and Matt is someone who can really help. Apart from his deep knowledge and experience around property and financing, Matt assisted me in developing a strategy suits my personal goal and considered both short and mid-term finance position. He was always happy and patient offering his advice to the questions I had, either by phone or face-to-face meetings. He would be a valuable adviser to anyone who is interested in property investment. ”


Wei Shao

Matt assisted me in developing a strategy suits my personal goal.

“I have opportunity to associate with Matt,he has great and in depth knowledge on investment properties and financial planning strategies.. I would highly recommend him for all his expertise in these areas ..he is prompt and is always willing to go that extra mile for you.”


Ajay B.

He is prompt and is always willing to go that extra mile for you

“Being self employed for over 10 years I found it extremely difficult to get finance through the traditional lenders and methods. When I was first introduced to Matthew he truly worked miracles for me. He not only managed to find some fiance I urgently required but managed to draw out sufficient equity from other assets which enabled me to purchase a second investment property. I found Matthew to be a great person to work with. He was diligent and very thorough in his process and I highly recommend him.”


Joe Caprara

Matthew he truly worked miracles for me.

“We have engaged and invested in the services of National Investment Advisory in multiple strategies. They have proven to be knowledgeable and professional in all our dealings with them. Their disciplined approach, education style of advice, keen eye for truly understanding our situation, attention to detail and superior strategy execution gave us great confidence. We were able to take full advantage of tax savings, maximising super, setting up for retirement. We have full confidence in their honesty and integrity, and we look forward to partnering with them again to build our nest egg.”



We were able to take full advantage of tax savings, maximising super, setting up for retirement.

“My wife and I done a lot of due diligence and research around financial and investment companies. We look at literally dozens of groups prior to starting with National Investment Advisory. During the last 12 months we have found the entire team to be very professional, accurate, responsive, and very easy to work with. They provided us with good sound advice and made it simple to understand and act on. We were lucky enough to have the Managing Director Matt Bower support us the whole way and he has been exceptional throughout the design and implementation of our strategy. To think back on all the years, we spent paying way too much tax and doing nothing about it. Now we have multiple strategies working for us, our mortgage will be paid off way sooner than we were tracking towards and our Golden Nugget is producing our retirement nest egg.”



Our mortgage will be paid off way sooner than we were tracking towards and our Golden Nugget is producing our retirement nest egg.

“Having sat with similar companies in the past and got burnt, we expected the strategy session to be much more of the same. So, we were very sceptical in the beginning because we didn’t want the sales hype or pressure do something that wasn’t right for us. For us anything around financial strategy, tax, investing is about Trust, Ability, Affinity, Clear Plans, Integrity and being available. We were very pleased by the fresh approach and attention to Concierge level service by National Investment Advisory. Once we had all the facts and education with a clear plan the decision to move forward was entirely ours. So glad we found someone to sit along side us to help guide us successfully.”



So glad we found someone to sit along side us to help guide us successfully.

“Very few Medico Professionals are good with their finances, most of us are certainly not. We spend many years being educated and trained in our profession to earn above average income. However little time is committed to learning how to manage our finances, controlling our high income, saving tax and investing or debt management. As a busy Dentist wanting to focus on delivering quality results for my patients. I needed to save time, have proper guidance and advice on not just tax savings but financial integration. Thankfully I was introduced to Matt Bower – MD National Investment Advisory by a medical colleague as he and the team have provided first class service with exceptional commitment to my financial wellbeing.”



Provided first class service with exceptional commitment to my financial wellbeing.

I had been thinking about investing for years. I was 40 and in a financial mess. I had spoken to several different investment companies, all wanting to sell me on their investments. It just seemed that they wanted to extract money out of me like a transaction and had no real humanity towards helping me get out of this financial mess and into investing. I’d fantasise about being financially secure, I’m sure I was suffering from financial depression. Matt gave us a rapid, thorough education on investing and its processes. A couple of hours later we walked out thinking ‘holy shit these are the people I want to deal with’. Even when I asked them about their fees, they told me straight, the way the fee structure worked. Clear and honest, right from the get-go. I could continue writing about how good my experience with National Investment Advisory (NIA) has been. I have a great relationship with Matt & Eliza from NIA and look forward to sharing a drink with them. After procrastinating for years and speaking with quite a few investing companies, NIA, Matt Bower and Eliza Haycroft are the only ones that gave me the belief people do care. They genuinely care about my financial future. If you are not sure how to secure your financial future, want help and have less financial stress, then call Matt & Eliza at National Investment Advisory and take the L.E.A.P.


Marc Walters and Park Newlove

What can I say about National Investment Advisory – Matt Bower

Our NIA L.E.A.P System

Ask us about how to implement the LEAP ROADMAP. We specialise in removing the barriers and roadblocks that prevent you from getting ahead. Our commitment to improving your financial wellbeing is to handle what holds you back so you can prosper instead of just survive.



Using good debt to acquire growing and incoming producing assets, and clean up killer personal debt.


Equity, Earnings and Emotion

Accessing value from your existing assets, paying yourself first, education on how to control emotions and overcome fears. 


Accounting, Tax

Using the system with the right advisors to maximise your tax deductions, and play the game like the wealthy.


Property/Asset Portfolio

Building a diverse portfolio of high performing assets delivers wealth for generations.