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Financial Planning &
Self-Managed Super

Superior Financial Planning & Self-Managed Super

Don’t make the mistake of letting your hard-earned income and Super just sit there earning next to nothing. Talk to the experts who know how to ensure your income and Super earn you the maximum financial returns possible.

Through strategic industry partnerships, NIA delivers superior SMSF Investment Strategies and connects you to a comprehensive network of financial planning and SMSF services, with all the expertise, licenses and products you need under one friendly roof.

All the financial planning & SMSF expertise you’ll need to succeed. NIA is one of Australia’s leaders in SMSF Property Investment advice.

Complete suite of financial services

NIA is leading the way when it comes to strategic industry partnerships, which means you get access to all the advice, services and products in one friendly place.

Total control of your SMSF

The days when you didn’t really know where your Super was or how it’s performing are long gone. You can decide where to invest and keep an eye on returns in real-time.

Tailored SMSF solutions that earn

Where there’s a SMSF expert at the leading edge of their trade, there’s a fully tailored solution to get the very best return from your fund. Talk to our specialist advisors today.

Get better financial planning & SMSF advice today, call NIA. 

What clients often ask us about Financial Planning & Self Managed Super

No. In fact, investing in a multiple-property portfolio may help pay your home off in half the time with the correct strategy and plan in place. Your home can be an essential source of equity to help buy an investment property using none of your own money for deposits. This is where we help by showing you how to make your money work harder for YOU.

Alternatively, you may have sufficient funds in cash or inside your current Superannuation fund. If appropriately advised by a professional, set up a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) that you can use to buy property. Please speak to us and our experienced SMSF Financial Planners and Property Wealth Advisors to determine what options best suit your situation.

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) are used by many Australians who have the capability and professional support to take control of their superannuation. We have helped many clients purchase property through SMSF, and it’s important always to seek advice from an accredited Financial Planner to make sure SMSF is suitable for your situation.

Five Point checklist to find out if an SMSF is suitable for you:

  1. Don’t rush. Make it part of the overall Strategic Plan
  2. Focus on strategy, finance structure and investment-grade property
  3. Get specific SMSF financial advice
  4. Set up the SMSF entities and Bare Trust structures
  5. Get property investment advice from an insured advisor


Grab this priceless free session today, call NIA

Call: 1300 565 888


Grab this priceless free session today, call NIA

Call: 1300 565 888

The National Investment Advisory specialises in helping people just like you make the right financial choices and restructuring decisions, to ensure you earn much more money across your property portfolio.

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