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Your 6 simple steps to financial success

From first-time property buyers to people planning for retirement, our leading-edge ‘LEAP Roadmap’ has helped more than 400 people just like you achieve a financially secure, truly abundant life.

Here’s how it works, in 6 simple steps.


In essence, leverage means achieving more with less. In financial terms, leverage means borrowing money to invest in assets that produce a return.

Realistically, most people borrow money and spend it on items that don’t provide any return on investment, and that results in bad debt. And too much debt is a heavy burden.

If you have an ever-increasing debt burden, it is impossible to get ahead and leverage your assets to produce growth and a recurring passive cash flow.

When you engage NIA, our priority is to teach you how to pay yourself first. This means your money will have a purpose. Because when cash doesn’t have a purpose, it disappears quicker than it’s made.

We want to help you to escape this curse!

That’s why we’ll help you restructure your finances. We can find you a better deal for your home loan and consolidate all your bad debts (like credit cards, personal loans and car financing).

This will relieve your financial stress and reduce your cash flow inefficiencies, which are a big drain on your household income.


Equity is the total value of your assets, minus the debt you owe on them. For example, let’s say you purchased a property for $700,000 with a loan and you’ve paid off $100,000. What you’ve paid back is your equity. The more you pay back, the more equity you have in your asset (in this example, your property).

Having under-utilised equity in your home or other property assets is a lost opportunity and will limit your ability to invest in future properties and build real wealth.

Your equity wealth may be sitting in your home, but it’s not producing income. We’ll show you how you can change that by investing your equity safely and securely, so that you can utilise it to produce great investment returns.


Earnings is your total income after you have paid tax, so the key to building wealth is maximising your cash flow as a priority.

We can help you to achieve this. Could you get a higher income from your day job, start a side line or online business, or create additional streams of income? If you have any such ideas or dreams, we can help make them happen.

The fact is, if you can make more money or create additional income opportunities, you’ll be able to leverage even more, building wealth faster.


How many times have you been told to remove the emotion when buying or selling a property?

Well, it may be a cliché, but it’s good advice. Unchecked emotions, like getting too attached to an investment property, can prevent you from creating wealth and benefitting from our LEAP Roadmap.

That’s why we’ll provide you with the education and practical advice you need to clarify your purpose and solidify the pathway forward, allowing you to realise your financial goals, now and into the future.

We call this ‘switching to an investor mindset’. Once you do, you’ll be able to make smart, informed decisions about your finances, supported by a strategy that is free of the emotional pull from being in love with your investment property.

At NIA, we’re proven experts in helping you find the wealth building mindset.


For most people, their accounting ability extends to filing a simple tax return, but you need to go further by maximising your tax deductions. This is a vital part of your investment journey.

While it’s reasonable to pay a certain amount of tax, for years governments have been trading off our inability to fully understand our tax requirements, which means many of us are paying far too much.

Through the effective use of proven tax strategies, we’ll empower you to take advantage of legitimate tax incentives in the system, so that you can avoid paying more than you need to. The truth is, tax is a game and the wealthy know how to play it really well - we want you to be just as good at it!

The more you invest, the less tax you will pay, and less tax equals more cash flow… which will enable you to drive down your debt and invest more seriously in your portfolio.


A portfolio plan is a wide-ranging strategy that informs your long-term decisions on investing.

Planning your portfolio involves adhering to your investment goals and mitigates potential risks. We’ll work with you to ensure your portfolio plan meets your needs, is easy to follow, and will help you achieve financial freedom.

Ultimately, a portfolio plan is more than just a list of transactions. It’s a system that can be repeated every time you want to invest.

The NIA LEAP Roadmap has been proven to help people just like you overcome the greatest obstacle they face in building generational wealth: procrastination. Instead we’ll keep you moving in the right direction with a structured system across every part of your investment plan… meaning you’ll transform income into capital and then capital into profits for future generations.

Wherever you want to be with your property wealth, the LEAP Roadmap will get you there.

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