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South East Queensland confirmed as hotspot for property investors

It’s the location on every property investor’s lips “South East Queensland”. Investors are snapping up QLD property in record numbers on the back of attractive yields, affordability, low vacancy rates and attractive market conditions.

Queensland currently represents a great cash flow proposition for property investors. New research has confirmed what NIA has been saying for years and that is, investors will flock to the QLD market chasing rental yield and property that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg in holding costs.

In many areas across QLD we’ve been assisting our clients purchase high growth properties whilst maintaining a 4.5%-5.2% rental yield (5.2% equates to $1 for every $1,000 / $500,000 property = $500 per week rent).

To provide readers with a comparison the average yield for a Melbourne house is 2.5% and Sydney is 2.3%.

To put that in perspective, let’s assume that in all three cities we purchased a property worth $800,000, and before anyone jumps on to me and says “you can’t buy a property in Sydney for $800,000” this is just for comparative purposes.

Gross rental weekly income on $800,000 purchase price

Brisbane (4.5%) = $692 per week

Sydney (2.3%) = $353 per week

Melbourne (2.5%) = $384 per week

For the past three years I warned property investors that a property boom was headed to Queensland. I advised to hold existing properties and look at investing into our NIA approved areas. If you did that you’ve done extremely well. If you haven’t there are several pockets which are forecast for double-digit growth in the short term.

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