Property Investment & Wealth Planning

Remove the guesswork from wealth building

Property Investment & Wealth Planning with NIA removes all the guesswork, misinformation, market noise and media hype from the facts you need to know in order to make the right decisions.

And better decision making means better wealth-building.

Property Investment & Wealth Planning with NIA, one of Australia’s Property Wealth Strategists.

Master Finance Strategy

You’ll learn finance structures that are critical for all investors, enabling you to build a solid portfolio while controlling leverage, managing costs and maximising cash flow.

Research team on-call

You’ll benefit from access to our expert Research team, by your side to ensure you have the right research data, the right property, the right location, and the right terms.

Ongoing support & reviews

You’ll be fully supported by our Settlement and Concierge team, which provides ongoing management reviews of your property portfolio to ensure strategies stay finely-tuned.

Advanced Investment Strategies

You’ll see how NIA strategies help you ensure the bank, your tenants and the tax man help fund your portfolio, with little to no impact on your current lifestyle.

Portfolio fast-track

You’ll learn how to fast-track your portfolio with complete safety, even if you have multiple tailored property strategies running concurrently – you’ll be a ‘90-day specialist’.

Insider knowledge

There’s a reason why 95% of property investors never make it past having two properties in their portfolio – we’ll tell you all about it and show you how to do better.

Stay on track

Knowing how you are tracking in relation to your property wealth planning is a crucial part of ensuring you achieve financial goals. NIA shows you how to stay on target.

Remove financial inefficiencies

NIA helps you identify inefficiencies in your finances, wherever they’re hiding. And when you know exactly what they are, you can take the right action to remove them.

Borrowing capacity insight

What is your financial and borrowing capacity? Knowing the answer gives you the insight you need to see where your potential could lead you. We’ll show you the way.

Set your wealth target

Exactly how much money do you want and when do you want it by? Working with NIA clarifies these crucial answers and ensures you’re expertly set up to get it done.

Get to know your risk

One of the first things financial institutions look at is your risk profile, so if you’re across it from the start your decisions are better informed and you stay ahead of the game.

Plan your ‘what ifs’

A successful property investor is a prepared property investor, which means having a solid plan in place for every possible ‘what if’ scenario. And that’s easy when you know how.

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