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For the smartest, simplest property wealth and investment strategies, the National Investment Advisory is your perfect partner.

When you engage NIA to help build your wealth, you’ll be working with a team of property professionals who specialise in helping first timers and established property investors alike, dedicated in the mission to boost your capital growth and cash flow – quickly.

Getting to know you and how you want to live is the first step to ensuring your financial success, because knowing you enables us to support you, educating you throughout your entire property and financial journey.

Put simply, we’re your property-savvy partner and we’re here to help you build wealth on the way to a lifestyle you really want.

Talk to one of Australia’s best Property Investment Wealth Planners

Property Investment & Wealth Planning with NIA, one of Australia’s Property Wealth Strategists.

Master Finance Strategy

You’ll learn finance structures that are critical for all investors, enabling you to build a solid portfolio while controlling leverage, managing costs and maximising cash flow.

Research team on-call

You’ll benefit from access to our expert Research team, by your side to ensure you have the right research data, the right property, the right location, and the right terms.

Ongoing support & reviews

You’ll be fully supported by our Settlement and Concierge team, which provides ongoing management reviews of your property portfolio to ensure strategies stay finely-tuned.

Advanced Investment Strategies

You’ll see how NIA strategies help you ensure the bank, your tenants and the tax man help fund your portfolio, with little to no impact on your current lifestyle.

Portfolio fast-track

You’ll learn how to fast-track your portfolio with complete safety, even if you have multiple tailored property strategies running concurrently – you’ll be a ‘90-day specialist’.

Insider knowledge

There’s a reason why 95% of property investors never make it past having two properties in their portfolio – we’ll tell you all about it and show you how to do better.

Stay on track

Knowing how you are tracking in relation to your property wealth planning is a crucial part of ensuring you achieve financial goals. NIA shows you how to stay on target.

Remove financial inefficiencies

NIA helps you identify inefficiencies in your finances, wherever they’re hiding. And when you know exactly what they are, you can take the right action to remove them.

Borrowing capacity insight

What is your financial and borrowing capacity? Knowing the answer gives you the insight you need to see where your potential could lead you. We’ll show you the way.

Set your wealth target

Exactly how much money do you want and when do you want it by? Working with NIA clarifies these crucial answers and ensures you’re expertly set up to get it done.

Get to know your risk

One of the first things financial institutions look at is your risk profile, so if you’re across it from the start your decisions are better informed and you stay ahead of the game.

Plan your ‘what ifs’

A successful property investor is a prepared property investor, which means having a solid plan in place for every possible ‘what if’ scenario. And that’s easy when you know how.

When you’re ready for Property Investment & Wealth Planning with a difference, call NIA

Top 10 Tips for First-Time Property Investors

With a smart first-time investment, you lay the foundation for strong portfolio growth

There are many reasons that may have stopped you investing in property before now. Confusion over all the finance options and which one suits you best. Indecision over which location to target and what type of property to chase. Hesitation over whether now is the right time or whether you’re making the right choices. There’s a lot to think about if you’re a first-time property investor, much of which will keep you up at night worrying if you don’t have the right facts to hand.

Your road to financial freedom starts with this Top 10 Checklist for First Time Buyers.

What clients often ask us about Property Wealth Planning

Real Estate agents work on behalf of the vendors or sellers, whereas National Investment Advisory acts on behalf of the purchaser. Real Estate agents are transaction-focused, are not investment savvy and are not qualified to offer and deliver a strategic Property Investment Wealth Plan.

Excellent question. It is essential to be very wary of anyone giving you property investment advice. Unfortunately, most property marketers, spruikers and some real estate agents will promote their exclusively listed properties under the guise of property investment advice. However, their responsibility is to the vendor and not to the investor (purchaser).

National Investment Advisory is a team of accredited Property Advisors in Australia and is insured to provide property investment advice. Our founder and Managing Director, Matt Bower, is a qualified mortgage broker, property investment advisor and fully licensed real estate buyers agent in Victoria, NSW & Queensland and holds a Diploma of Finance (Finance and Mortgage Broking). Matt also has more than 18 years of experience investing personally.

No. In fact, investing in a multiple-property portfolio may help pay your home off in half the time with the correct strategy and plan in place. Your home can be an essential source of equity to help buy an investment property using none of your own money for deposits. This is where we help by showing you how to make your money work harder for YOU.

Alternatively, you may have sufficient funds in cash or inside your current Superannuation fund. If appropriately advised by a professional, set up a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) that you can use to buy property. Please speak to us and our experienced SMSF Financial Planners and Property Wealth Advisors to determine what options best suit your situation.

National Investment Advisory focuses on the markets nationally, sourcing houses, townhouses, villas, apartments, duplex, dual-income properties, co-living cash flow and boutique developments. Our team secures access to professional investment opportunities that the average person just cannot source. This includes wholesale and exclusive properties in capital cities, major regional cities, and trending growth corridors.

We place significant value on the importance of accurate and up to date property research to underpin the value of the investments you are acquiring. In researching the appropriate locations for property investment acquisitions, we apply a strict research methodology. Our experienced Research & Acquisitions team filters each project, adhering to a comprehensive system of analysis. 

One of the most critical requirements that our Research & Acquisitions team undertake during their due diligence process is ensuring that the vendor and developer’s purchase price has set at competitive market value and in line with current market indicators.

Remember that National Investment Advisory works for you and not the vendor, not the builder or developer. We have no obligation bias to promote any particular property. This is a significant point of difference from property marketing groups, spruikers, and real estate agents with exclusive listings and can set the price at what they hope to get. They do not have your best interest at heart.

One thing to be aware of is the difference between bank valuations and market valuations. National Investment Advisory has 7 Point Performance Guarantee criteria for every property before it’s endorsed and shortlisted for clients to consider.

Through our extensive partner affiliate network, we introduce you to a range of top-tier expert advisors.

We connect and coordinate access to our property-savvy partners, including conveyancers, accountants, property managers, insurers, builders, lenders, etc. You’ll be looked after by a national network of top industry experts.

We have strong relationships with our expert advisors, so you can expect the experience to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible with peace of mind that everything will be taken care of.

National Investment Advisory provides an end-to-end service. We coordinate all aspects of buying a property and make it easy and stress-free for you, from reserving a property, the contract and the finance stage to settlement. Our approach is one of the managed concierge services for you. We help coordinate inspections, property management, tenants, insurances and depreciation schedules. We have a dedicated administration team to guide you at every step of the process. We also teach you how to manage your new property business paperwork to maximise your tax returns and accounting requirements. 
There are many ways to reduce tax through the property with the help of the taxman and a property savvy Accountant Tax Advisor. Many factors are involved, and we always recommend speaking with your accountant; and we can also connect you with one of our specialist partners.

National Investment Advisory uses 7 Key Metric Qualification measures to pre-qualify our panel of builders to protect our investor clients. Every builder is fully licensed and insured under the respective State-Based Building Authority.

These builders and developers are acutely aware of the long-term value of a relationship with National Investment Advisory and its investor clients. Essentially, the reason we use selected wholesale investor-focused builders is because they acknowledge and respect that each client of National Investment Advisory will be purchasing multiple properties over several years. They want to be your trusted partner in helping you grow your portfolio.

National Investment Advisory selectively chooses to engage with Property Management Specialists dedicated to managing your property asset. These groups do not employ a sales team and are 100% Property Management – that is their focus. Our Property Management specialists work in the best interests of their clients and ours. Whether connecting you with 5-star tenants or managing your rental property maintenance and income, they do so with experience and enthusiasm.

We target areas with a high proportion of owner-occupiers versus rentals to ensure we invest in a suitable, low vacancy rental location with increased demand. Typically, well under the industry average 3% vacancy rate.

For peace of mind, National Investment Advisory, where required, negotiates a ‘First Tenant Rental Guarantee’ from the date of handover possession. So, your property does not sit empty for weeks on end, costing you thousands in interest costs.

There are many viable ways to go solo to invest in property. Contact us to see what suits your situation; some options include:

  • Joint venture purchase
  • Parental gifts or guarantor structure
  • Non-bank lenders for flexible financing
  • Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Property Purchase
  • Direct Property Unit Trust
  • Deposit Assist programs



Grab this priceless free session today, call NIA

Call: 1300 565 888


Grab this priceless free session today, call NIA

Call: 1300 565 888

The National Investment Advisory specialises in helping people just like you make the right financial choices and restructuring decisions, to ensure you earn much more money across your property portfolio.

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