Code of Ethics

  1. Client Experience: we always seek to support our client’s best interests before our own. Support their experience with the provision of ethical services, ethical referral services and well researched property with transparent and factual claims that has the potential to support their property investment goals.
  1. Professionalism: Provide client centric, strategy based, risk mitigated and sustainable property investment advice based on the potential performance of the property rather than based on its immediate appeal and other emotional drivers.
  1. Transparency: Support client’s decision-making process through transparent representation of the known and unknown facts about the investment opportunity (risk, personal profile, property profile and of investing in general); our fees, the range of property we access and why and any virtual modelling.
  1. Due Diligence: Apply appropriate due diligence to all information relied on including the reputation of the source data and independently researched property investment advice: reference all data and information presented; and disclose relevant limitations relating to the use of historical and future performance data.
  1. Competence: It is vital you maintain your professional competencies in the provision of property investment advice and appreciate the regulation of other professionals with whom are delivering services to our clients.

Practice Standards

1. Represent the client’s best interests before your own business interests for their sustainable property investment.

2. Exercise due care to ensure that things are adequately explained to clients, keeping clients informed at all times
3. Promote education to our clients to support their knowledge and increase their opportunities to be sustainably successful in their property investment strategy and wealth goals.
4. Disclose actual and potential conflicts of interests in a professional and transparent manner.
5. Disclose commissions and fees in an easy to understand manner.

6. Maintain client confidentiality unless expressly permitted in writing to do otherwise.
7. Abide by all existing laws including ethically. These include where appropriate: Real Property Laws in all the states and territories in which you conduct business. The Financial Services Act including regulations for Financial Planners and Mortgage Brokers. Taxation Law. Consumer Protection Act and Trade Practices Act.

8. Support the professional practice and business standards of all parties involved in our client’s property investment strategy and wealth plans.
9. Ensure our employees and consultants acting on your behalf act within this Code on Conduct
10. Ensure our business referral partners have similar standards or there is transparency of their business standards to the client.
11. Treat all industry participants and professionals with respect
12. Direct or refer clients to other professionals when the required information is outside our speciality or usual business practice.
13. Provide true and accurate information to any legal, ethical or insurance investigation into a breach of Australian Laws or this Code on Conduct
14. Agree to participate in a dispute resolution system to resolve conflict, especially between investors and property professionals.
15. Do not professionally associate with disqualified member of the Property Investment Advice sector including Real Estate agents, Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, Solicitors or Property Investment professionals.
16. Do not make improper use of inside information
17. To continuously invest in our own knowledge in order to enhance the skill which we use to represent client’s needs and deliver on their purpose as well as our objectives.