About Us

Our most important goal is to be the most attractive, efficient and technology driven financial services hub for clients, investors, team members, partners, the community and groups that want to play bigger and grow together.

At NIA we look at things differently
There is a hypnosis effect that has been in existence for many years and it’s been setting people up to fail repeatedly. Sure, money provides you choices. Certainly, the more money you have or earn, typically affords you more freedom and life’s luxuries. People of all levels are addicted to income and compare their lifestyle status on their level of income, not their net worth. After interviewing 100’s of high income earning Medical Professionals and other High-Income Executives, we discovered the pattern of high income doesn’t guarantee you’ll be a high net wealth person in the period you dream of. Whether you are making $100,000 per year or $750,000 per year it’s what you do with it that is critical, not how much you earn. No matter what profession you are in, you match your income to your expenses …… practically to the dollar.

The hypnosis is that we should work harder and longer for money and become addicted to more. Property Wealth Planning requires that we have money work for us whilst we sleep. We want to educate you, strategise with you and do the hard work of implementing strategies for you.

NIA wants to commit to showing you the key distinctions on how you can use and turn your high income into securing passive wealth, more capital, and cash flow to the extent that you can possibly even fully replace your professional income. We want to help you achieve that quickly and safely National Investment Advisory has a mission to create a portfolio of assets that become your wealth machine. We are not a get rich quick company. We offer and deliver stable, diversified, balanced and well-planned approaches that achieve consistent results aligned with your goals and time frames.


We have a clear core vision of delivering exceptional services with integrity combined with a massive commitment to causing a positive effect on the greatest number of people in the next decade to play a bigger game and become high net worth individuals. Affording them the opportunity and resources to create their ideal lifestyle and to pay it forward.

Who is Matt Bower

Our Founder Matt Bower has been successfully involved in property investment and finance for the past 17+ years. Matt purchased his first property for $86,000 in his 20’s and has never looked back since. Imagine purchasing your first property when interest rates were 17%.

Specialised and actively involved in building large investment property portfolios, delivering property investment education and strategic finance outcomes. Matt has personally built a multi-million dollar property portfolio using strategies such as off the plan, renovation & buy hold, house & land, vacant land, small development. Matt’s experience and own portfolio spans across QLD, NSW and VIC.

He has previously held executive roles in Property Investment Advice, Mortgage Finance & Business Lending, National Property Research & Acquisitions, Senior Personal Lending Banking and Business Development with one of the major banks. As well as an executive role with an ASX Listed Property Development Company. Which he experienced first hand knowledge on the workings of being financially intelligent around debt, leverage and the power of using land and property as a wealth vehicle. He gained valuable insider knowledge of how the wealthy play the game of leverage, assets, cash flow and capital growth.

A seasoned property investor himself, experienced through multiple cycles with property in VIC, QLD, NSW. He has been involved in helping secure 1000’s of client property transactions across multiple markets and strategies with an accumulated value of over $370 million. He teaches and applies a system of Investor Mindset and Financial Intelligence through integrated Property Wealth Planning and Finance Strategies with a formula for positive results. He encourages and urges people to become educated, have the right team and just take action with a system in place.


Former Senior Lending Specialist
Fully Licensed Real Estate in VIC-NSW-QLD
Qualified Mortgage Finance Broker
Property Investment Advisor